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Paracord Watch Band (16mm G-Shock models)

Paracord Watch Band (16mm G-Shock models)

1. Paracord 550lbs type 3 Milspec
4mm and 2mm hand stitched
2. TPU adapters
3. Stainless Steel shackle with onboard compass
4. 2pcs 16mm springbars
5. 1pc watch tool

Personalized paracord watchbands are custom made to fit your individual wrist comfortably. To order you need to submit your exact wrist measurement. Ideally, you should use a cloth tape measure to wrap snugly around your wrist and take your reading in cm without adding any allowance to get an accurate wrist size and to avoid misfittings. We will be the one to add allowance for your comfortable fit. 

Perfectly fits casio models: G8900-1  GA100-1A1  GA100-1A2  GA100-1A4  GA100C-1A3  GA100C-1A4  GA110-1A  GA110-1B  GA120-1A  GA200 GA120BB-1A  GA300-1A  GAC100-1A  GAC100-1A2  GD100-1A  GD100-1B  GDF100-1A  GDF100-1B  GDF100BB-1  GR8900-1  GR8900A-1  GW8900-1  GW8900A-1 DW5000 DW5200 DW5300 DW5600 DW5300CV DW6100 DW6200 DW6500 DW6900 G-2500 G-8900 Frogman Riseman Rangeman and many other Casios that feature 16mm lug width.  These adapters will fit models including:  DW5600/GW5600/GWM5600, ETC (Does NOT fit GX56) DW6600 DW6900/G6900/GW6900, ETC (Does NOT fit X6900) DW004 DW9000/DW9050/DW9051/DW9052 G2200 G2210 G7900  G8900 GA100/GA110/GD100/GA120/GD110/GLS100/GD120, ETC  G9100 GW9200 G9300 GW9400 Rangeman 
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